Sophie Sepehri

Sophie Sepehri a sophomore AT DUKE UNIVERSITY started her volunteerism when she was only 5. As a member of the Girl Scout troop 48, helping with the annual holiday party organized for MUJER she soon realized what it means to bring joy to others. Once the troop dissolved, Sophie kept this meaningful event as her commitment to the families. In 2016 she attended a couple of “Supper Clubs” during a period when Syrian refugee crises was at its worst.  At the event Syrian women were employed to prepare a traditional meal for paying attendees so that they could share their stories of hardship. It was during one of these events when the idea of the For Teens by Teens came about.
Sophie’s other community involvements included: Key Club, Shake A Leg Miami, Bridge to Hope, The Museum project, National Honor society,
Sophie is currently a freshman (Premed track) at Duke University.