As the name suggests, “For Teens By Teens” is an organization (based in Miami), that is run entirely by teens. We focus on aiding others, less fortunate, within the community. Through tutoring, activism, creating social and academic opportunities, our main goal is to provide support in any way possible, so as to help the families build their confidence and rebuild their lives while the teen volunteers build their leadership skills.

While some of our causes are long term, we ensure to stay flexible to change our focus to adapt to the needs of our community, the disasters at hand and our community non for profit partners.

Covid19 KN95 Mask assist
Through partnership with 3rd wave volunteers, Sami Sepehri the founding member of the group worked to create a data base to mainstream thousands of PPE requests from healthcare professionals. Sami tracked over 10,000 packages from China. Sami responded to emails, sent tracking information to health care professionals and kept up with all delays and logistics on shipments. Due to Covid19 restrictions, this operation could not be a collaborative process and each teen worked independently on ways they could help. For Teens By Teens members assisted in packaging shipments, decorating bags, and delivering masks to local hospitals such as UM, Jackson (all locations), South Miami, Nursing homes, local doctor’s offices, and many other health care professionals working without proper PPE. Efforts also included making personal hygiene packages for homeless people as well as delivering masks and face shields to Miami’s Rescue Mission health center assisting homeless people and those living in shelters.

Bahamas Relief

Through partnership with 3rd wave volunteers, For Teens By Teens joined in to make a focused impact on relief efforts for Hurricane Dorian’s victims. Our goal was not just to collect supplies and leave it at that, but to have the teen volunteers learn the full cycle of collection and distributions. To visualize a recipient on the other side of their efforts and to build their empathy. Our teen volunteers jumped into action by collecting supplies, sorted all the items, organized and created personal care packs. Each pack containing a new t-shirt, new underwear, new socks, hygiene items, and a power bar. Each pack labeled for gender and size. Then the volunteers learned what it is like to work in the collection warehouse, take inventory, and fill out Customs documents. The last stage of the cycle was to learn the obstacles of transportation and distribution. Through repacking the packages and ensuring proper labeling they were able to see the items transported to Bahamians and distributed at the Anglican Church currently used as a shelter in Free port.


 Refugee Program

This programs centers around Syrian children and teens that have been made refugees by the war currently taking place in their homeland. Since the start of the war, approximately 11 million people have fled or have been displaced within other countries and children are especially affected by this chaos. For this reason, For Teens By Teens has set out to help these children and teens better integrate into society. Through tutoring and different events, we aim to guide these refugees to having better lives and making sure they are not forgotten.

Considering that these families have little to no support as they try to start anew in the United States, For Teens By Teens, along with the help of organizations such as Refugee Assistance Alliance, Project Motherpath and the Muslim Women of South Florida, has made it their mission to help these families become better integrated into their community and to help them reach their full potential.


The annual holiday party for M.U.J.E.R is an event that For Teens By Teens organizes each year in December.

MUJER provides support in various ways to help change the lives of the victims of sexual abuse. MUJER is a one stop shop that helps the victims become survivors and thrive despite the abuse and the trauma in their lives. For Teens By Teens believes in their mission and hopes through this holiday party they can show the families that hope is never lost.

This is our story:

Sami Sepehri as the youngest member of founding members was only in middle school when the idea came about. He has always volunteered with his sister Sophie Sepehri and was familiar with the idea of giving back to the community. His nick name as the “Tagalong” with the Girl Scout troop when he was in elementary school made him a vital member of the MUJER holiday party. He was the boy that played with every child and took on any task delegated to him. Sami has grown to a fine leader and has made amazing contributions to the team. Sami is currently a Senior at Biotech High School. Sami’s other community involvements included: Third Wave Volunteers, Underwater Society, Bridge to Hope, and National Honor Society.

As teenagers involved in the community with many hours of volunteerism, we wanted to create a group to encourage other teenagers like us to take meaningful and focused actions. We wanted each teenager with a passion for a cause to bring the passion to our group and have an existing support group to take the passion into action, and make a difference in the lives of others. Our founding members each separated by a year have taken turns leading and supporting one another throughout the years.




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